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Waking up

It’s something magical…

A breezy sunrise in the midst of a hot summer. From the balcony I can just adore the sun getting higher colourfully from the shining sea,behind the pine tree…

The melody of silence is enchanting. I set off for a trek through Artemonas which is right in front of me. Wandering playfully through the alleyways,I reach the top of the village admiring on the one hand the Aegean,and on the other the harmony of the Sifnian villages.. All my senses were in full energy..

The bird chirps or the donkey moans,were the loudest sounds..The stone walls with the gleaming white houses addicted me to the unique Artemonas setting. It can’t be better, it can’t be cleaner,it can’t be vivider..

You have the feeling that you are the only one living in this perfection.. The sun is far high by now..I suppose it’s time to get back to the room for my next day activity…. I promise to do it again tomorrow…. Waking up at Patsana Studios Sifnos……………..

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